Monday, 22 June 2009

Hello, my name is Kirsten and this is my first ever blog!

For my first blog I guess I can talk a little about myself and share some of my interests ect.

I come from a bit of a rough background and have had to overcome some personal problems. I was diagnosed with 2 forms of depression, PTSD, and Borderline personality disorder. Overcoming the depression and the rest has set me on a road to self improvement in just about every area of life. I figure why stop at just not being depressed? Why settle for just OK? I want to be as healthy and happy as is humanly possible in all areas, mind body and soul as they say (and if possible in my bank account HA!).

I have written an ebook about what has worked for me in overcoming my self harm symptoms associated with my various diagnosis. If you should want to check it out my web site is In it I explain the process that leads from thoughts to emotion. Basically we cant control the events in our lives all the time but we can examine our thoughts about the events and take control of those. The thoughts we have about events in our lives are what create our emotional response so by changing our thoughts we change our emotion.

To help try to improve the health of my bank account my husband and I have worked together designing a sudoku board with several easy medium and hard games to play online. If you fancy a game please check us out. We do offer a membership to create a bit of income and offer the sudoku board for download and offline play as well as free games each month (that will play on the board) and email newsletters monthly with all sorts of sudoku guides, videos and anything else we find that we want to share with members.

On top of these online ventures I have 2 part time day jobs to help make the bills. I expect that future blogs will be on either work, profitable ventures online, or sharing some of the stories from my past. Everyone who knows me and knows about my past has said I should write a book about it all but that sounds to much like school homework type work and I just cant commit to that. Blogging might just be the solution, just a bit of fun and a way of sharing what has so far been an unbelievable life :).

Please feel free to comment on anything in this blog or on others that come in the future! :D

Wealth, Health, and Abundance my wish for you

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  1. Kirsten, you are a great person!I also started a website a year ago. Irish Stories is one link to it. If you would like to read more on what I am working on to have a better life. Let me know what you think.I have not tryed to have it out there, just friends and family.when I live full time in my motor home i will. Margaret