Tuesday, 28 July 2009

fun 'credit crunch' holidays

I am currently on my summer holiday from working at my local primary school.  Having 6 weeks holiday every summer can be a nice break, but working at a school (not a teacher either) means I dont make much money so taking cheep holidays is something I have gotten good at.

My last holiday trip was just down on the south coast of england (I am in London) in an area called the Jurassic Coast.  While we were looking for camp sites we found a number of yha's (youth hostels) that were really cheap and looked nice.  We are currently planning our next holiday and are planning on using a yha this time as we are going with a friend who hates camping.  We have found a place that does out door family climbing days and with splitting the cost it should be a great cheap family holiday.

The best thing for me about a holiday like this is that being an american it is the sort of thing that I used to consider a rich persons holiday.  Being a foreign national means I look at this great country with the eyes of a tourist but with a locals knowledge, making a great combination for finding memorable holidays without having to break the bank.

For those who are looking for a good holiday and saving money I would suggest trying to be a tourist in your local area.  Your local tourist office can be a great resource for finding attractions you may never have thought of or even heard of.  Happy summer!

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